Milk replacers for calves

Agro Netzwerk manufactures products of the highest global quality.  
They are manufactured in the new Milk Products Production Plant, built in 2017 in Chąśno near Łowicz.
The plant manufactures exclusively GMO FREE products under the supervision of J.S.Hamilton which tests
every product. More than 90% of components come from the best Polish dairies, meaning Polish milk
which constitutes our pride. The modern production process aims primarily at creating a product safe and
efficient in raising calves. Optimally balanced protein and fat ensure completely meeting the needs of
growing animals. Highly emulsified fat constitutes a perfect source of easily assimilable energy, necessary
for a fast and correct growth. Including full and skimmed powdered milk, as well as a low fiber content
ensures a very efficient solubility and stability of the solution. The inclusion of probiotics, acidifiers, and a
set of vitamins allows to act against pathogens and eliminates diarrhea.